Founders Story

Our Vision
VNTRS was founded in Stockholm 2016 by the four founders Kristaps Prusis, Viktor Gällström, Mikael Johansson and Joachim Widd with a clear vision – to be the best hands-on tech and business partner to entrepreneurial companies.
Our Mission
Our mission is to maximize the likelihood to deliver successful digital products and services, with high quality. All this while still offering flexibility to both entrepreneurs and corporations. The result so far is a door opening shared incentives sweat equity investment and consulting firm.
Welcome to VNTRS

VNTRS Culture

At VNTRS we encourage all-in-mentality, open and honest discussions, space for creativity and room for laughter. We're passionate about start-ups, technology and creating digital products and experiences.
We're not like any other consultant firm. We have the power to make an impact and the success of the client is our success. All co-workers get a monthly equity bonus in our tech-fund of all the promising startups that we invest in!

Why work at VNTRS?

We want to share risks and upsides with our clients.
We want to “sit in the same boat” and have the same goals as our clients.
That's why all of our colleagues working at VNTRS gets an additional equity salary which will be invested in all of VNTRS portfolio of startup projects!

External board members

Boel Sjöstrand

Tech profile who helped build Netlight Consulting and former CEO at Wise Professionals. Currently CCO at Linkura. Boel is passionate about equality and diversity.

Karin Edström

Investment Manager at ALMI Invest GreenTech fund in Stockholm. She helps startups to grow internationally into profitable businesses with a substantial positive environmental impact.

Anna Ljungbergh

Anna is an investor and experienced internet entrepreneur who has worked at iconic companies such as Netscape and Framfab. Today also active as board member of e.g. Sting and Propel Capital.

Jonas Hernlund

Jonas Hernlund is the CCO at Einride and an experienced entrepreneur, engineer and business builder. Jonas was previously Head of Investors & Startups of Northern Europe at Google.

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