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What we do


Looking for a technical ballpark and someone to make reality of your business idea? We can help you with anything from wireframes to validation and development.


Let’s grow together!
Have VNTRS as a business partner and get experienced developers, product owners, designers and growth hackers to reach your next critical milestone!


Through our experience we can help your company understand its core, be creative, define a problem to solve, validate and finally develop a digital solution with a high success rate.

Strategy and Concept

• Lean canvas workshop
• Market opportunity workshop
• Customer journey mapping
• User story mapping
• KPI's & OMTM

Product Development

• Front-end Development
• Back-end Development
• Product ownership
• Web Applications
• Mobile Applications

& Growth

• Funnel Optimization (copywriting, A/B Testing)
• User Acquisition (SEO)
• Data Analysis

UI & UX Design

• Interactive Prototypes
• Wireframes
• Mockups
• Branding & Identity

MVP Building

• Scoping
• Development of MVP
• Review & Iterations
• Product Market Fit


• Sweat Equity
• Joint Ventures
• Network

Why we do what we do

We believe that by providing a great environment for success and by constantly challenging assumptions together with our clients,
more good ideas will become successful.

Some of our projects


Ally is a newly founded healthcare provider in Stockholm, that digitalises and simplifies healthcare through home visits by doctors and nurses - with booking through an app.


SCRIIN AB develops technology to help people keep a healthy balance between screen time and physical activity in our digital society. Through the SCRIIN app, the users get insight of how much screen time they spend on all their devices, and how physically active they are.


Doctrin is a care platform that connects digital and physical care and enables healthcare providers to collect the patient's medical history, prioritize, treat and follow up smoothly and safely so that the patient receives the right care at the right time.

Easy Peasy Insurance

At Easy Peasy Insurance you only insure what you want to insure, just when you want to insure it and you only pay for the time you use the insurance. Pay directly with Swish and be insured within 30 seconds. Wherever you are in the world.


Beleco is a marketplace where users stream designer furniture. By maximizing the value of furniture throughout its life cycle, they want to transform the furniture industry and develop a more sustainable society.
"We've worked with VNTRS since the early days of Bofink and they have always been able to assist us in technical questions and with hands-on digital consultants, helping us build the Bofink tech"
Joachim Alexander Ronneback, CEO, Bofink
"We've worked with several very skilled programmers from VNTRS that not only contributed with technical skills, but also with a great attitude and some industry expertise
Frederik Marqvard, Product Manager, Doctrin
"As a startup, it's difficult to find the perfect tech team that understands your vision and who you can depend on. We were fortunate to find that perfect team; VNTRS."
Alexandra Rim Halfya, COO, Combify

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